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People make the difference


Something remarkable about this company, in which I´ve been for more than 15 years, are the opportunities. In them, the growth associated with internal mobility, development and working environment fostered by peers with a direct interaction, I love it.


With regard to work and sales, and in my current position of Sales Assistant Manager, what I like is to get to meet the needs of the family and get straight to the heart of this, the children. Also what I like about the staff of Trade is the opportunity to have a good deal with people, empower them in their skills, in their development and better yet, to grow within the company. My favorite quote is 100% related to this: People make the difference.


A pretty fun experience was during my time in stores around the year 2000. Being at that time manager of the store in Manquehue Norte and given the arrival of a new very resurfacing Manager, there was a rumor of drastic changes, there was no basis more than general comments. I was called in "exclusive" and with all the nerve I agreed without documents backing me up in sales growth, good local status and engagement, etc. and thinking that something negative would happen. It was quite the opposite, the appointment was to communicate a promotion to Sales Supervisor and share good experiences to other stores. As moral, never heeding untrue and less prejudge situations, always direct and to the source (I am very grateful!).


I am currently married; I have 4 children, of which there are 2 in the university and 2 in school. I am also an amateur painter who appreciates good art and my second favorite phrase is: A total effort is full victory.

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